February 24, 2008

Dig It

Friday night we had some friends of ours over for some dinner and to hang out and we had a blast. Amy and I attempted to make some bean and beef tostadas...we didn't want to use the Crews and Josh and Mandy as guinea pigs for our new recipe...but we took the chance. And they turned out awesome! ere are the awesome pics I took of the finished product...

Good huh?
oh yea...they were awesome and we are going to make them a lot more often now.

Then we went out to the garage and got a little ping pong action going...

It was about the 5th time we have used the table tennis table and it was a blast. The most fun is playing Round Robin on it where we all run around the table hitting the ball. If you have never played...go do it!

Anyway...the purpose of this blog entry was to show you the tostadas we made b/c we have been trying to make more Mexican food that I grew up eating. I actually attempted to make the cheese tacos that are a staple in my parents house and they were good. I say attempted b/c I had tried making them before and it was not a pretty site or taste. blah! But the other night they were awesome and I'll be maing those again too.
Now if I can only master those tamales from an earlier post...? meh...I'll put that one off for awhile.
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