November 06, 2008

Commercial Suicide

The other night we were watching some TV and laughing about how some commercials really turn us off to whatever they are marketing. Well right off the bat Amy and I spatted out that the most annoying commercial right now is the Toyota zero financing commercials. If you have seen it you know what we mean. It's not the huge dancing zero avoiding the 11 featured cars sliding across the screen...what is so annoying about it is the darn jingle! the jingle "Saved By Zero" haunts my dreams I have seen that thing so many times.

They show it soooo much during football games, no is on during every commercial break and it is a 30 second long.

I mention this because the sale ended Nov. 3rd. When I would see and hear the commercial I would remind myself Nov. 3rd is almost hear and no more jingle!

that is until I read an article last night that they are extending the sale until the end of the month...
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