October 27, 2008

ESPN the tear jerker network...?

Saturday mornings come with a routine for me. I always catch ESPN College Game Day for the preview of the day's college football games. I love the trio of commentators at the desk which include Chris Fowler, Kirk Heibstreit, and the great Lee Corso.

Well as I had to take a break from watching to go get ready for the day. I was getting out of the shower when Amy walkes in teary-eyed and I thought something bad had happened. She tells me that as she was walking through the living room when GameDay started a piece on the head football coach of Georgia, Mark Richt and his family. I had to get online and watch it since I missed it and ESPN did a great job of player the tear-jerker with this great piece.

If this video does not, as Amy's college girl friends would say, "tug at your heart strings" just a little bit. You just might have a cold and hardend heart. ;)

Good one ESPN. And Go 'Dawgs!
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