October 23, 2008

Tuesday night we had the great opportunity to go see the Art Music Justice Tour in Franklin. I just wanted to go because Derek Webb and Sandra McCracken would be playing. But it turned out to be a great experience to show how we can get involved in helping oppressed people around the globe. Some of the artist shared stories of trips to third world countries and saw a need that they wanted to help be involved in and also be a voice for those people here in the states.
It is sad to know about the slavery of people that still exist is some countries and how truly oppressed they are. The stories we heard of people being victims of human trafficking and slavery are nothing compared to what we have to face here in the states.
Some of the struggles we as American Christians face are so insignificant and miniscule and yet we blow them up to being persecuted or oppressed. Given there are some families in America who are dealing with a lot right financially now with the economic downturn of our government. The reasons I refer to are examples of “I was reading my Bible at Starbucks and someone called me a Bible-thumper” and so this person gets upset and feels persecuted. (that is a bad example I know, but all I could think of)

I am not one to be too political but I have to go into this…
(***And this is not an endorsement of any type***)
So many Christians are so against Obama that all they do is talk about how he is going to change America for the worse. I have received countless email forwards of why not to vote for him and what the country will become if he gets elected president. I don’t know whether I believe them or not but I do believe and know this…God will still be watching over us.
Our God is big enough to do with America what He pleases. He knows who the president will be. He knows what bad or good decisions this person will make. We have freedom of choice under Him but He will still always be on our side.
I DO believe that.

I have come to terms that Obama may very well be our next president and all I can do is ask God for His guidance for our country, like I already do, and like I would also do if McCain is elected president.

I mention all of this because an email I received talked about how Christians will be outcasts and persecuted if the worse happens in the election. Shouldn’t we be bold enough to say “Bring it on!” Are we afraid to test the limits of our faith?
Even though the stories we heard on Tuesday night were not pleasant, I have not known a faith where all I had to rely on was God. Mainly because we are too comfortable in our big houses, nice cars, and stable jobs that we rely on those things to please us. But a 13 year old girl, stolen from her family, forced to see 15 to 20 men a day in a brothel, with no foreseeable way out…what does she have to rely on?

Only God.
and did he come through for her…YES! He saved her from that life.

We can only rely on God. But how many of us have really only HAD to rely on God. And in those times when we truly believe He will rescue us…will he come through for us…of course He will but in a way that He will be glorified.

Let's not be told who to vote for but seek into your conscience and seek your true feelings about what you agree with in the platforms of all the candidates. And know that the only change you will see make a true difference is the role YOU play out within your community.
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