September 09, 2012

Another First

Tonight we had another first in the household. IzzyB woke up really late today, which meant we got to sleep in! That late wake up also meant she didn't get a nap in today and she did fine all day with no melt downs. Thank goodness!

After church tonight we got dinner and as she finished, she requested a bath. So we started the bath and got ready for bed with the usual book reading time. Well tonight for the first time as AB was reading to her, she fell asleep during the story! It was also the first time I was able to carry her to bed and it was priceless!

IzzyB is such a busy-body that when she is tired she just keeps moving around in order to not fall asleep. Well tonight Mr. Sandman caught her off fairs during story time.

Thank you Mr. Sandman for giving me a first as a dad.
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