September 18, 2012

Convos w/ IzzyB # 2

I am not a handy man.  Yet we have taken on a big D.I.Y. project at the house.  We are taking on our floors.  I just dove in and about two hours into the project I was starting to worry with regret.

AB and IzzyB had a baby shower to go to Saturday afternoon and were getting ready to head out the door.  I was sitting in our make-shift living room (camping chairs) taking a break when IzzyB walks in:

Daddy, get up we need to go
Baby, I am not going.  It's just you and mamma going
OK daddy, you need to stay here and work on the floors.
(looking defeated) Yes, I do
(She puts her hand on my shoulder)
You're doing a good job daddy

She really has no idea if I am doing a good job or not but the innocence and her willingness to encourage can motivate anyone!
She is always so encouraging and wants to help out with anything we are doing that I sure hope this keeps up as she gets older.
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