September 12, 2012

First Record Store Visit

Not sure if you all are aware that we have a few favorite bands as a family. One of these bands is The Avett Brothers and yesterday their newest album was released.

We went to dinner in Nashville and I figured we should support our local record store by buying the new album there. If you know me well, you also know I like to get the actual album of my favorite artists and not just download it off the interwebs.

AB had a phone call to make so IzzyB and I were the only ones to get down. I was secretly excited for it to just be her and I. We walk in and it is slammed! Paper Route had just performed an in-store show. I quickly grab her hand because it's a crowded place with little walkways to squeeze through. I go straight to the New Release wall and grab the album and then we just look around for a bit.

She looked like a pro going through some CD's. I had a glimpse of a future where she loves going to record stores and also collecting the hardware instead of electronic versions. We'll see what happens.

I'm glad and proud IzzyB always request music when we get in a car.
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