September 18, 2008

Ramblings of a Beggar

+ Amy got back home last night after being gone for a week and the dogs and I were really glad to see her. When Amy went to her closet to change last night she screamed Bugsy's name and I thought the poor dog had hurt himself. Turns out that in while Amy was gone...he got upset for her what does he do. He pooped right in the middle of her closet! It probably happened the day after she left because it was not fresh at all and how I didn't smell it is beyond me. So don't make your pets mad...when they get mad...they poop. (at least our crazy dog does)

+ I had ordered sod for our side yard that never ever grew in and so my great friend Bobby went to pick it up for me and Jason also came over to help lay it. I had prepared the ground already so we just had to lay it. And today my lower back hurts and my hamstrings feel like they have been running for miles without end. Small price to pay for our side yard to not look like West TX anymore, I guess.

+ We use Netflix and one of our favorite genre is documentaries. I love watching documentaries! I guess it has to do with it being real life and not just a movie that is fictional.
Last night we watched Young @ Heart and it was awesome. It a chorus made up of elderly people and they sing un-elderly songs. Songs from bands like Sonic Youth, The Clash, James Brown, and The Beegees to name a few artists they cover. And they are famous! They even travel to Europe on tour. It was a great flick and we highly recommend it. The flick will make you smile, laugh, and might pull a few tears out. Look for their rendition of Coldplay's Fix You toward the end of the film...amazing. It was just released on DVD this Tuesday, 9/16/08.

+ My parents are just fine after hurricane Ike. They had no damage to the house and the electricity went out for a total of 30 minutes during the storm. So they have been much better off then most people who have not had electricity since early Saturday morning.

+ Speaking of has been awesome here in middle TN with the highs of mid 80's and lows of low 60's. We'll be hanging out outside more often.
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