September 08, 2008


Yesterday my good pal Bill and I went to the Tennessee Titans home opening game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, thanks to the sweet (free) hook-up Bill got us. We had tickets in the lower section, 29 rows up on the home side, on the 50 yard line, and to top it off we had a parking pass too. So we parked one lot over from LP field...that being...I will probably not have a better game experiance than that one.

Now that football season is in full swing. Most of us guys can't even think straight. Whether it be concerning house chores to basic responsibilities like putting deodorant on. Our minds are always thinking over the latest game, the standings, the rankings, what injuries are out there, and which games we can catch on TV or go see live.
Most of that has to do with our fantasy teams, be it one or 5. (i only have 1 fantasy

As a perfect example here is a conversation i had with Josh today:

Josh: dude, awesome. so....can i come over?
i have been hankering for a big dose of football
me: you have class
Josh: dang it! i already forgot about it
me: aren't you at the lifeway building?
Josh: yeah, that would be a good reason for me to still be here huh
me: haha...too funny
Josh: i got caught up in the thought of football
and no work tomorrow
me: yea...that'll do it to ya

He was already in the building his class is held...and had already forgot b/c he found out there was a double header going on tonight for MNF. awesome.
(i copied that straight from GoogleTalk)

So ladies...have patience with us guys.

And there is hope...b/c last night as i watched part of Sunday night's game i was folding laundry and then i started ironing clothes. So just stick some chores in between the TV and us guys and we can still be productive. It may be a little sloppy...but it's a start. : )

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