September 12, 2008

Please, Before I Go

As most people are preparing their homes and evacuating from Texas. Amy is boarding a plane to head to Texas this morning.

As many of you know I am from Houston and my family still resides please be thinking of them and everyone else in the area as this hurricane named Ike rears it's ugly head over the Texas coast. I don't think my parents are planning to leave their house unless they are required to by the state/county/city officials so I can only pray that they will be fine as Ike passes.

I also can only pray for Amy's travels while she is visiting her family in Texas. She will be gone until Wednesday night and I will really miss her. It's funny at how much we take each others company for granted sometimes...and it is really evident when one of us has to stay at home alone. It just gets so lonely without the other on there to talk to. ***and the dogs do NOT count***
But Amy should be fine flying today as Ike is not set to hit Texas until tomorrow or tonight...she will get there by noon today to DFW.

You should probably pray that I survive at home alone and don't starve myself and the dogs. You all should probably pray for them first...I am pretty sure I can outlast them.

Actually it's funny how so many spouses always joke about whether the men will be able to survive when the wife is away. Does it look worse that those jokes make men look so dependant or that woman seem to be the home provider...? I guess it could go both ways depending on the gender but I when do say them they simply as jokes...but maybe I should stop. Afterall I am not completely helpless...I did mention in the last post that I was ironing clothes this week. That's worth something.

Texas...take care of my Queen while she visits!
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