January 25, 2010

Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise

During our Christmas trip to Texas Amy pulled out the Macbook to show her mom some pictures of Isabella late one night and it would not boot-up. It would boot-up to the gray screen with the apple logo but the revolving circle would just keep revolving with nothing else ever happening. I logged onto some apple forums to see if I could remedy the issue myself...but no luck after trying quite a few things.

After we got back home I booted up from the OS X start up DVD and still I could not get the computer to work with me. So I figured I should try reinstalling the OS and it should fix the issue and as I started the process I accidentally selected 'Erase and Install' instead of 'Archive and Install.' Yes, that 'Erase' meant erasing my hard drive. All of the photos, music, and tons of other misc. files and programs gone...without me ever getting the chance to back it all up. On top of that the install failed, but only after it had already erased everything.

After two trips to the Apple's Genius Bar the macbook is up and running but with a blank hard drive. I was able to find a program to transfer the music from my iPod classic (which wasn't all of it but 27 gigs of most of what we listened to anyway) and the pictures I had saved on my iPod. Luckily, Isabella's pictures from the hospital and her birth were taken with my iPhone and I had never erased them from my phone. So we still have pictures that were on our iPhones and the SD card from the camera and all the photos from our sites like Facebook and Flickr that i will transfer over. One of the trips to the Apple store included me buying a backup hard drive with 1TB of space...oh yes.

With our Christmas money we ended up buying a Canon digital SLR Rebel XTi from a very nice woman off of Craigslist. We got a great bargain and immediately took a few photos with the 2 lens included in everything we purchased. We really like the 50MM lens we got...here is a preview of what it can do.
The reason for this purchase was for the baby. And here is one of the best pictures that I took so far of Isabella. Enjoy.

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