January 23, 2007

First ...The Introduction

Well here we are embarking on a new technological journey via the fabulous world wide web.
We have decided to start up an official blog for ourselves and so far it's been fun trying to get it all together before a post. Well it's not all together yet...but it's getting there.

Under our profile section is the "Books" section. These are books that we are reading and/or are our favorites. The first four are Amy's picks and the last four are my picks.

Then I listed a few of our favorite musical artists. To be honest those are mostly my choices so I'll have to get Amy to add a few of her own. Don't get me wrong, she does like those artists, maybe just not as much as I do. But, again, that list will be altered through and through. As will the book section

Then I put up a few of our favorite movies. We could watch any one of those movies any time. And yes that goes for Amy too (maybe not so much for Bottle Rocket).

Anyway...here it all is and we hope that this is fun for you everyone reading as I hope it is for us!

Oh! So we went on this great hiking trip to Pickett State Park near Jamestown, TN this weekend and it was awesome! These are our friends Wendy and Gabe next to myself and Amy.

I will have to add some more pictures at some point later. I'm still working on our template and learning some more of HTML code. YIKES!
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