January 31, 2007

So they say its your Birthday!?!

So today was my (Isaac) birthday! YAY! Thanks to all who wished me a happy birthday via email, myspace, and facebook...thank you all!
All in all it was a very good day. Work went by really fast, though I wish I could have just stayed home in the first place but it did go by really fast. I got some money in the mail from the parents (all included), got some great music from Amy, and a grrreat meal.

The music Amy got me were some CDs that I have been wanting...the new Shins album Wincing The Night Away, the newest Decemberists album The Crane Wife, and one she improvised on The Killers Sam's Town. All great choices, now I just have to decided where to start...that's always the hardest part!

For dinner we went to this family style country cooking restaurant named Monell's. The restaurant itself is located in the old jail house in Franklin right nest to downtown. The building was incredible! What is unique about the place, other than it being in a restored jail house, is that you sit at big table no matter the number of your party and they serve everything in big bowls and you pass it all around like a big family dinner.

At this point in the picture our server had picked up our plates and most of the food bowls. But man that table was loaded with food and it was unbelievable.

(All the pictures are from the Monell's.)
So it was a great night of wonderful country cooking, great fellowship with close friends, and great laughs. We ended it all with a great hot drink from the always great Starbuck's!

Now I am off to pack for my work trip to Columbus, OH! That'll be fun, especially if the inches of snow that are forecasted are actually on the ground when we're ready to start driving in the morning...yikes!
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