February 07, 2007

Columbus, OH

Well I got back from my trip Sunday afternoon at about 3pm. And I was exhausted!
I mentioned in the previous post the worries I had about driving in some winter weather for our work trip to Ohio. Well the way up there was great however I was very cautious when going over bridges...and there were a lot of them.

The hardest part about being in Columbus this past weekend was the 'Artic Blast' that came over the area while we were there. Just great...a mexican and some freezing weather...not always a great combo. At one point on one of the evenings the temp was in the single digits, I believe it was 7, and the wind chill did not help one bit. With the wind chill it felt like -20 degrees outside and we had to walk to the convention center from our hotel. I almost lost my mind!

Saturday lunch time rolled and we had spotted a Chipotle a few blocks away while driving the night before. So I told my co-worker I would brave the cold walk for a hot delicious Chipotle burrito anytime. I took his order, bundled up, and headed out for a 3 block walk to get there and see a sign on the door saying they were closed. So I wasted time by taking a 6 block walk in 0 degree weather and have not so good fries for lunch from the convention center food court...blah!

Other than the 'Artic Blast' that we received we did have a good weekend. The best part was this awesome piece of cheesecake I got to devour on Thursday night.
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