February 19, 2007

Taking over the World

Hello all!

Well I know it's been awhile since we have posted something. Truth be told I, Isaac, have been the only one posting on the blog. So I have been trying to get Amy to post something. I think she has an idea for her first post and I'll try to get her to post it this week for sure!

So the title refers to Google. I have learned to much about it since I signed up for my gmail account a few months back now. Google has created so much stuff for one to use...it's insane! They have gotten ahold of blogger.com and so I can use my gmail account to sign in and edit this blog. I also use Picasa which is their picture software and web picture hosting site. I'll have to add a link to the sidebar so you all can see out web photo albums that I have uploaded. They also have a calender you can use with your account and upload it to any computer as well as their documents and spreadsheets. So instead of carrying around a disk, data CD, or memory stick you can upload your docs and spreadsheets from any computer with your gmail account. Then when you are in your inbox at gmail if any of your contacts have a gmail account you can use Google Talk to chat with them right there out of your inbox. Amazing...I think so! Not only that but they bought youtube.com not too long ago.

Anyway...I am directly supporting their taking over of the world. Pretty soon they will tell me what I am having for lunch and when to go to the bathroom. OK...maybe not...but you get the point.
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