February 22, 2007

Are You Gonna Be my Girl[s]

Alright are you guys ready for this....my blog debut!!!! I know its been a long time coming and believe me when I say Ive just not known what to write about but then it occurred to me that I should just write about my life. Which right now is my girls. I guess I never really paid attention to how much your life can be impacted when you truly invest your life in the life of others. These two girls have touched a place in my heart that I didn't even know was there. Right now just thinking about them and trying to come up with the words to write my heart is smiling so big it hurts. Now don't get me wrong it hasn't been a cake walk but what relationship is? They are kids after all and they like to test your patience and jump up and down on your nerves.

This cutie pie is Annie and she is 5 years old and she is all girl. She would wear pink from head to toe everyday if she could and believe me there have been days when she has come very close to it. Her imagination is out of this world and she loves books which is where her imagination comes out. She can open a book and just by looking at the pictures she can tell you an amazing story. She is a very bright girl she loves school and learning. She will be the student who tells the teacher they forgot to assign homework.

And this...this is my baby! Her name is Olivia and she is 2. I have basically raised her since she was 6 months. She is the sweetest little girl so loving and caring. she calls me Maimy (adding an M to the begining and the middle sounds like 'aim') and says I'm her best friend which of course melts my heart. She like her sister loves books but rarely lets you read her one... she reads them to you(not really of course, she cant read but don't tell her that). She loves to play at the park on the swings and the slide. She loves to run and above all she loves animals...all animals. Show her a picture and she can tell you exactly what animal it is and what sound they make. Dogs, lions and elephants are her favorites.
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