June 09, 2008

Drop The Hate

Since we have bought our home, we now live in a suburban subdivision where we have a homeowners association. And these committees are in place to prevent the lazies from not taking care of their houses and yards and keeping everything looking pleasant.
It is a good thing so that there is not that token house that can hide a car in their tall grass or people adding a non matching room to an outside wall of their house with every kid they have.

With our dues the entrance to the subdivision always has nice flowers and well trimmed trees and shrubs. The dues also helps maintain our walking trail and the playground and the trees and shrubs in that area.

Overall they keep the peace with the neighbors worried about their property value and those who would rather shoot the people who care about their property values. But all in all they keep the place looking nice and for that we are thankful.

yet here comes the but...

BUT whenever we are even going to add a simple flower bed to the side of the house...we have to submit a request to be approved by the board. Really? For real? Yes!
I understand when we needed to submit a request when we built our fence...I totally get that. And when we get around to building the pergola we want in the back yard...yea...I'll submit the request to be approved. But just a flower bed to make the earth a little greener, to have plants that will breathe the CO2 we exhale b/c we can't inhale it again, to simply make the house look more pleasant. Nope...We can't just wake up one Saturday and plant a flowerbed b/c we have to wait till Monday to submit a request and wait for approval.

for the love...
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