June 04, 2008

A Question Mark

Every Tuesday we get together with our community group and have discussions. It is one of the best parts of our church the living life together outside of the 'organized church' aspect of it. Given that the small group is organized for the most part but it's great to meet in a home, as the early church did, and have discussion in a comfortable setting.

Well our small group has grown a lot and we all have a great time together everytme we get together...b/c on top of our scheduled weekly gathers we have spontaneous gathering through the week and weekends.

We always start off our gatherings with an ice breaker to ease into discussion and I was always trying to think of clever questions and what not to ask everyone. Well then I learned of the questions in a box...called Table Topics.
And it is simply a little box full of questions for dinner parties, cocktail parties, and in our case a small group. I found a place in town that sells them and went to pick the original box up instead of ordering it online.

And our very first question led to a lot of discussion...probably more than we needed...ha!
Be here it is...
Would you rather like to meet
your great great grandparents
or your great great
Any thoughts...?
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