October 19, 2009

Baby Doll

It has been a wild Monday morning and that might be putting it lightly.

I woke up this morning to get ready for work and as I was getting dressed I asked Amy if she had gotten enough rest. She said she had but in the middle of the night she got up to go to the bathroom to go number 1 and she felt wetness between her legs then as she was on the toilet she was going but didn't feel like she had control over her bladder. So she finished and went to bed and was fine. She told me this and was doing fine in bed so I finished getting dressed, made my lunch, and headed out the door to work.

At 7:20am, Amy called me in tears saying she thought she needed to go to see the doctor because she was having strong contractions. I asked if she called the doctor yet and if she wanted to call our friend Amy to take her since I was 40 min away at work. Our friend Amy came to get Amy and I would be called if I needed to go the hospital, as it was a lot closer to my location than our home.

I got a call from our friend Amy saying I needed to get to the hospital right away that the baby might be coming. The baby might be coming today? The due date is November 28th and this is over a month early!
I grabbed my stuff and got to the hospital as soon as traffic would allow me, I get up to the 2nd floor, find room 223, reach for the door handle, and the door opens and a nurse says "you're right on time" as she turns and another nurse turns with our baby girl in her arms. Did this just happen? That just happened.

From Amy's perspective...They get to the hospital and they check her into an examination room to make sure she does not have a kidney or urinary infection that might be triggering the contractions. They tell her to get up and get a urine sample and Amy stands up and says "I think the baby is coming." They lay her on the bed in the room, take off her bottoms, and the nurses start moving forward because they can see the top of the baby's head! They get started fast and by the time Amy has her next 4 contractions the baby is out and I am walking into the room. It happened crazy fast...for the both of us!

Isabella Sage Llanes was 34 weeks and 2 days. Over a month early from her original due date. Weighed in at 4 pounds and 8 ounces. Measured at about 17 inches long.
Miraculously enough she is fully developed and they did not need to hook her up to any machines to help her do anything full term babies should do on their own. She was breathing fine, she was holding her temperature fine, and she was keeping her pink color.

All glory to God for Amy and Isabella to be doing so well.
This is purely a miracle.
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