April 07, 2007

40 Acres

Well the egg hunt could not have gone any better! Except that we could have used an extra 40 acres to lay out the thousands of eggs we had for the kids. Harvey park where the even was held is a brand new park in the city and it is not very big and does not have large tracts of land around it. But the turn out was really good and we just glad people came being that the temp this morning was at around 40 degrees.

You can see everyone bundled up in their winter clothing that I'm sure people had to dig out of the back of their closest for this weekend.
But check out all the people!

Needless to say we ran out of our hot drinks really fast.

I even got an action picture of Amy doing some face painting on some children.
I'm surprised her hand was still enough to paint on a child's face being as cold as it was.
Or maybe I'm more surprised that children let some people with shivering cold hands lean toward their faces with wet brushes.
And I had to take a picture of the lovely wife because she looked exceptionally beautiful today...yet some random dude had to ruin the pure awesomeness of the picture.
Yea it is our friend Adam...he's a cheese ball.

So even thought it was a chilly day we had a blast with the entire event.
Afterward a few of us went to the neighborhood Applebee's for some soup...
it was yummy and really warm.

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