April 01, 2007

The April Fools

It is the end of the day. Today was the first day of April. And I did not realize that it was April 1st until tonight at some point. When the opportunity to try and fool anyone was too far gone. Dag!

Oh well, so since April is now upon I also missed my chance to post an entry before the end of March. Is it really April now? The first quarter of 2007 is gone? Geez time has really flown by!

Well Rupert is holding up pretty well with his bad haircut...he's had no problem going outside to face public humiliation. But on the other hand he has no choice.

In other news, our church contacted the city of Spring Hill (the town we actually live in) about doing face painting and helping out with the city wide Easter egg hunt they always devise the weekend of Easter. Turns out the city is not doing one for lack of shown interest by the city.
So the church asked if we can organize it and carry out the egg hunt. They had no problem with it so now our church is doing the egg hunt for the city and we have certain sponsors. How crazy is that? So this is a great opportunity to get out there and meet new people in the community and be able to provide for them a family event.

So now we're having a cook-out with our community group at our house this week to eat, fellowship, and stuff all the eggs that people have bought for the egg hunt.

So if you happen to be in Spring Hill, TN on Saturday April 5th at 10am come by Harvey Park and join in on the festivities! (located on Main St.)
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