March 20, 2007

Devil's Haircut

We had not had the dogs of ours groomed in awhile and their hair was in really bad need of being cut. So We finally made an appointment for them to get their hair cuts today and all the other grooming needs they provide for the dogs.

From work I called Amy about 3pm and asked if they had called her to see if the dogs had been ready yet and she told me she already had them at the house. So I ask if they look OK. We had been skeptical of trying out a new place...which we ended up doing anyway. She tells me Bugsy looks fine...just really skinnier since they cut his hair off.
Not too bad...but yeah...he looks really skinny!

And then she said I would have to be the judge of Rupert's cut.
Geez...what you think if you were told that?
Well here's what I found when I got home...

Some kind of lion hair cut maybe...?
Oh my I could not keep from laughing at him. Well next time we will have to be really specific when we take him to the groomers office to get groomed. Given this is only the second time we have had to take him to the groomers but I guess we should had stuck with our initial groomer for Rupert. He's the one who has to live with this thing.
Poor little guy...I almost don't want to walk him so other dogs don't point and laugh at him
...or other people point and laugh at me. Ha!
But alas it will grow back and there is comfort in that.
I've been telling Rupert this all night.
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