March 05, 2007

Christian Brothers

The blog title is the title to an early Elliott Smith song out of dis contempt for Christians that he had come in contact with. Some of the lyrics say why should He shake their hand for fake concerns.
How many times have you asked someone how their day was, they replied "Fine" but with not a "fine" look on their face and you figured it was good enough response and walked off. So the question is...was that question of ours of actual concern or just to be nice and save face?

I posted the lyrics to the Derek Webb song last night after I was going to post kind of a frustrated post about Christians and the Church. Just at how I hate that there are so many negative connotations that come with being a Christian in today's society. We are seen as more of judgmental and point fingers than to show love and grace. Are we so wrapped up in traditions that we can't freely love all as Jesus did in his day.
All of this talk comes from so much deep down in me that makes me frustrated so sorry if none of this makes sense.

My friend Jason reminded me last night about some of this so I had been thinking about it all night. But why do so many people say...
"I love Jesus, but I hate the Church"
Isn't the Church who Jesus died for?
Where did the Church go wrong? Sure I believe there are a lot of churches with the right purpose and drive for their church body. But why aren't we all unified with the same goal?

There's not much you or I can do to sway everyone to be a better Christian but I can challenge every Christ follower that I know to make a more grassroots approach to showing God's love for our neighbors. I had set a few goals for myself with the start of the new year about doing things within myself. But there was that selfish being in me trying to just deal with me and my family. But I have set a new goal that I hope shows love to our community of neighbors. Help me by keeping me accountable to that goal.

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