March 20, 2007

Misty Mountain Hop

Sorry It has taken us over a week to post since our ski trip. We had a blast with the whole family! Salt Lake City is such a beautiful place and I hope everyone gets to go there at least once to see the majesty of the mountains there...winter or summer. We actually did not take many pictures on the mountain because we forgot our camera everyday but the very last day we were out there. So this first pics we took of ourselves on the ski lift. We held on to the camera so tight in fear that it would fall into the powder beneath us.

And we managed to get the pics taken. They are just a little too close I made them small on here. Amy's glasses look massive and my neck has disappeared.
Lovely pictures these are!

Then here's some action shots from the mountains. They are on the easy slops so don't go thinking we are really good skiers...because we are far from being decent skiers. We rented Snow Blades instead of skis this year. They are a little over half the length of regular skis and have the feel of ice skating or roller blading on the snow. So much easier to control and keep your balance than skis. I also had read that when you hit powder the snow blades tend to "submarine or nose dive" into the snow. Actual we made sure to stay clear of the powder...but Amy lost control and hit some powder and in the second picture she is actually taking my picture after having her snow blades did a nose dive into some powder.

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