March 02, 2007

Free At Last


Amy got to sleep in today b/c she did have to be at work til 10 instead of the usual 8am schedule for her Fridays. So that was a great way to start of the day for her.

I only have 3 hours of work left. Today has gone by so slooooow so when closing time rolls around it will be a sweet escape. Speaking of have you guys heard the new Gwen Stefani single "The Sweet Escape" man talk about a catchy tune! I don't even know what the lyrics say so I don't endorse those...ha! Just the music...great tune to groove to.

So this is my last Friday to work for the next 2 weeks since we will be gone on our annual ski trip next week. And I am super pumped! Salt Lake come the Llanes. You have been forewarned.
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