May 13, 2007

Bicycle Race

Well today was my (Isaac) first day to go mountain biking on an actual mountain bike trail. Josh has had a mountain bike since living in TX and has been wanting to go out to some trails but i don't have a mountain bike, or a bicycle in general actually. So I borrowed one from a good friend of mine and Josh and I finally hit the trails this afternoon.

I had research that about 20 minutes from our house was a good trail that was great for all skill levels. Great! That means we wouldn't kill ourselves trying to be macho dare devils on the bicycles. Turns out those 8 miles just about did kill us. As I am sure my body will wake up sore tomorrow as my bottom already hurts to simply sit on a hard surface. Bicycle seats are not comfortable after 1/2 a mile or so...give or take.
But the trail was a lot of fun and it was an adrenaline rush at times going fast through the bending trail curving between the trees.

The other down side was that now that we have hit the warm seasons the bugs are out full force. So a few minutes into the trail I stopped to take a swig from my water bottle and noticed 6 ticks on my legs. Geez...every few minutes we would stop and inspect our legs for the nasty critters. Every least 3 were found. Luckily they had not really grabbed a hold of our skin yet....they were all still searching for a spot so removing them was as easy as a flick of the finger. So to say the least, I was so paranoid the entire time on the trail as the grass, shrubs, and various leaves were whipping at my legs as we rode by. So I had to throughly inspect myself when I got home to be cautious about the dogs and keeping them safe from any ticks.
So it's been a long day.

Speaking of dogs...this is usually how Rupert sleeps when we are in the living room watching tv in the evenings.
I don't see how that could be comfortable...but he never fails to make us laugh by this awkwardly contorted sleeping positions. Blows my mind everytime.
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