May 25, 2007

Friday Night


oh man...and it's a 3 day weekend thanks to Memorial Day that is celebrated on Monday.
Well at least the work day did go by fast for me (isaac) and Amy went into work late and got off early. luck duck!

So the weekend has started off great and so now we're home trying to decide decide what to do until we pick up Mom Allen from the airport tonight. We just looked up the flight info and the flight has already been delayed 55 minutes! So now she is estimated to arrive around 9:50 tonight.
The house is clean and tidy so now we just need to decide when to go to dinner and waste some time in the city. I think we might go get some sushi tonight! Our favorite place in Nashville is this dive called Ru San's and they have 500 different type of sushi items! So we'll see if we head that way or not.

So at my work there is this huge tract of land across from our office and it is a land trust that is protected from being commercialized or building anything on and since it is the beginning of Summer the people around are already getting the first round of hay together. And it is a awesome view with all the hay bails laying around the field. So I took 2 pictures today on my way home to try and capture the image for you all.

The scenery alone is a huge reason we love living in TN.

ok...we're off to eat dinner!!!!

and by the way the flight just got delayed another while'll be 10 before we pick Mom up. yup...another loooong night.
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