May 14, 2007

So Much Work

The title of the post is referring to owning a house. I feel like we work on the house so much...yet there is still so much more that we can do. So we just thought that we hadn't really shown pictures of our house to anyone but those who have actually visited. So here is a picture from the front of our home.

We have a great corner lot...the front yard extends a way to the right of the picture. So our garage and our drive way is over on the right side of the house too...the 2 windows on the right are in the garage. If you look closely you can see the dogs over there on the drive way looking at me wondering what I was doing across the street.

You can hardly see here's a close up.

Well you can tell, or maybe not, I just finished mowing the front yard and if you look on the other side of the driveway you can see hay on the ground. Yes, I just got around to seeding my back yard so now I am waiting on it to grow in.

So far it is looking promising and I'm really excited about it's progress, however I'm not excited about our next months water bill.

Also we just painted a few walls in the house so now there is some color on the walls. We painted 2 walls in the living room and the foyer/entryway. Maybe our next series of posts should be on the inside of the house. Even though there's not much to it...the only room we spend times in are the living room and the library/media room/movie room. It's our favorite room and most everyone that comes over like the room too.

OK well there is the outside of our house. The inside of it coming soon...
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