March 25, 2008

It's Only Love

It's been quite some time since we have posted anything, but we have been crazy busy. Amy was gone all of last week to San Diego with the Jacobs and I was left at home to fend for myself. The fact that I didn't starve and had clean clothes to wear is beyond me! ha! Actually I can hold me own, thank you very much.

Well Sat. was our 2nd annual community egg hunt. The fact that a church of our size was able to plan, execute and succeed at an egg hunt that was marketed to our entire beyond comprehending to all of us that helped. Guess what my duty was...oh geez...I was the Bunny. I had to get into that white fluffy costume and made the kids either really happy or scared the pants off of them. After the big egg hunt for the smaller kids, I had a slew of families lined up in what seemed a never ending line wanting to take a picture of their kids with the bunny, me. My knees were aching of having to get down to take pictures with the little ones or the ones in the strollers. And was I happy to get out of that costume! I stood up to the challenge of being the Easter Bunny!!! and I made a lot of kids happy and families now have pictures of their beautiful kids and a random guy in a bunny costume. Glad I could serve Spring Hill!

Amy got back on Sat. night and Sunday morning for Easter she was asked to put on a drama. She has done a few monologues for church already so she was asked to add some of the arts for this special Sunday. What she came up with still blows my mind! And she wrote this on her own...she didn't get it from some script or book of Easter monologues. (Does a book of Easter monologues even exist?) I am just copying and pasting fom the rough draft off of Word...I'm not even going to pretty it up for you. It's better in it's original is what she created...

(Nails being hit with hammer….start out very soft and gradually get louder but not too loud that the speaker cant be heard until the end when it should be very loud and strong)

Can you heat it? There! Did you hear it? Listen. There it is again. What it is? It’s unlike anything I’ve ever heard before. It draws you in and bids you come closer. It’s powerful yet soft bitter yet sweet. But what is it? I feel like it’s pulling me closer and closer. Listen can you still hear it. I can’t get the sound out of my head. Its persistent, its steady, its reliable and unending. But what could it be. It’s growing louder now. Its so constant like a heart beat.
Have you ever listened to something so intently that you start to feel the sound? Listen. Can you feel it? This sound is immersed in feeling. I can feel the pain and sadness. I can feel the sorrow and darkness. Listen can you feel it. I feel something else also something stronger more powerful. I can feel joy and pride. I feel accomplishment and renewal. I feel something else also it’s the strongest feeling of all but I cant quite understand it. Listen do you feel it. This feeling it gets stronger the more I listen. It’s like its alive and it’s asking me to reach forward and take hold. At the same time I feel this tug at my heart letting me know I’m not alone. And if I would just take hold it would all suddenly make sense.
Listen can you still hear it? It’s so strange that in this sound I can feel acceptance and forgiveness like I’ve never known. I feel like I’ve found something that I have been searching for my whole life and all the pieces are starting to fit together. Listen, listen closely, listen hard to the sound its like a heart beat. Do you feel it? A heart beat. Listen. That’s it listen that’s what it is the sound the feeling listen. Its love. So loud, so clear, and so strong. Listen (nail) Love (nail) Love (nail) Love.

(On the screen the word love in many different languages form a cross)

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