March 05, 2008

Via Chicago

On Sunday night we went to see this little band that we love...they come via chicago...and put on a heck of a show! I speak of none other than WILCO! (they actually opened their set with the song Via Chicago and it was pretty amazing)

We last saw them at the Ryman was well and we were so excited about seeing them again when we heard they were coming back to the Ryman for their Sky Blue Sky tour of 2008. And apparently a lot of other Nashvillians (is that right?) were pumped being that the concert sold out in a matter of hours, maybe even minutes. I just got on the phone at 9:55am, 5 minutes before they went on sale, to get tickets back in December and I got our 2 tickets on the 4th row on the balcony. BONUS!

I took this picture with my it is kind of bad. But still gives a taste of that night.

The Ryman is a great place to see a concert. Mainly because there has never been any smoking in the building, even before the smoking law was passed here in TN and because there are pews and assigned seats. The pews make it nice to be able to sit for the performance and the assigned seats help in case you get there late or have to leave for a restroom break. It was also the original location of the Grand 'Ole Opry before they built the Opry house out in East Nashville. So it has lots of history and the acoustics in it are known to be some of the best...other than the more modern locations of course.

Wilco says that it is one of their favorite places to perform. However for all we know they may be saying that at every location they play to gain respect of their fans...? But I think Jeff Tweedy is a man of his word.'s the thing I hated about the concert. As most of you readers know...Amy and I are not very tall. So going to a concert that is not in a traditional auditorium with elevated rows is always non-enjoyable for either of us. Well the good thing about the Ryman is that it is kind of like theatre seating, especially the balcony, where each pew is elevated more then the one in front of it. you get my flow...

Well unless we get the first is safe to assume that the tallest couple in the place will be sitting right in front of us. I can bet that any time and my chances of winning that bet will always be really high for me. Well we got sort of lucky on that bet, the couple in front of us had a short girl with a tall guy. Needless to say, Amy was able to watch the concert with out a visual hindrance. I, on the other hand, had to deal with this tall guy who was very obviously NOT a Wilco fan during the concert.
Why pay money on tickets for you and a love interest to go see a show and then not watch it!?! Who in their right mind!?! This genius spends the whole time leaning over and talking to this girl, trying to impress her, I'm sure. BUT it was at my expense of enjoying the concert. I had to keep shifting in my seat to view over his left shoulder, then he'd lean over to talk to her, so I had to move to view over his right shoulder. It got old FAST.

However, I still did enjoy the concert, and I know that everyone will always have to deal with people who have no sense of all the people around them.

OK, I have to end this on a good note. Wilco still rocked my socks off!
It's now March! Helloooooo March!

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