March 14, 2008

New York State of Mind

I was meeting a friend for lunch on Wednesday and we were
trying to decide where to go. I had heard from some co-workers that there is this place named Joey's House of Pizza that is a really good Italian joint.
I checked out their website and we decided it would be a good place to try out. I did not mention to Burke that i had also heard that the guy taking orders is from NYC and is also kind of known as a Pizza Nazi. Of course that alias being made famous by the Seinfeld character the "Soup Nazi."

So we meet up at Joey's and as we are waiting in line and I am watching the guy take orders...I realize I forgot to tell Burke about the pizza nazi. He is straight up and focused about taking those orders and getting the plates prepared to hand out. And this plays out just like a Seinfeld epi...

It's now my turn to order...he does even look at me..."Your next, what do you want?" I pause look down at the pizzas on display behind the counter glass...point and in paranoia blurt out "I'll take a slice of pepperoni and a slice of that stuffed pizza." The whole time he didn't look at me but he grabbed a slice of the stuffed pizza and put it in the oven. "did he forget about my pepperoni slice?" I thought to myself. Then He asks burke "You, what can I get you?" Burke seeming more confused than me, pointed in my direction and spat out " I'll take what he's having."
As we stand there in confusion the pizza nazi yells from behind the counter..."Fellas, after I take your order, move down the line!" oh snap...

Get the to cashier told her I think I only got a slice of stuffed pizza and a drinking cup...she charges my card as the pizza nazi walks up with my order of 2 slices...oh double snap. I told her I wanted the 2nd slice and she could charge my card for the individual slice...and as we are clearing things up at the register the pizza nazi brings Burke his order and sees that I am holding up the line...yet again...and yells "Hey! I gave you what you ordered!"

oh SNAP!

We got things cleared up, I got my slices of pizza, and the pizza was really really good.
Was it worth being herded through line like cattle and being yelled at...?

Sure, it was really good pizza!
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