August 15, 2008


If any of you took notice of my twitter, myspace, or facebook updates yesterday you might be curious as to what went down. And...if you have read quite a few of these blog posts by us you might have picked up on the clues that we eat at Moe's Southwest Grill pretty darn often. (If you dont know this...Moe's is one of our favorite places to eat and we practically go there probably once a week. But we for sure do not miss more that 2 weeks without eating's just really good.)

Well here is what happened...

Our little suburb is kind of exploding with retailers and restuarants and Moe's was one of the places annouced to open up in Spring Hill by this summer. That day was yesterday.
I had also learned that when Moe's opened it would give out a free burrito per week for a year to the first 100 customers on the opening day.

So my buddy Kevin (find out who Kevin is here and here) and I planned on camping out if we needed to for this extravaganza and took a day of vacation for Thursday. We were ready to camp out all night if we had to for 12 hours or more. But we planned on scoping the site out for numbers first before camping out all night. Well Kevin took the first shift of driving by to see how the line was progressing and there were about 20 people by 10pm on Wednesday night. I got up around 1am to go scope it out and there were the same 20 (give or take) people there from Kevin's last drive-by. So we planned on getting there by 4am...just to play it safe. And we were numbers 28 and 29 in line for our free burritos!

Sad news was that we could have stayed in bed until 6am b/c the next person to show up after us to be last in line happened to get there around 6:30am. oh well.

So we waited for 7 hours. And now we will save $360 in burritos for a year. woohoo!
(I also got a t-shirt and a Hatch Print made custom for the opening of Moe's in the Hill)

Now that I am sure you all think I am off my head.
I sign off, looking forward to next weeks free meal.
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