August 08, 2008


As I am sure most of you all know, the Olympic Games start today with the opening ceremonies. So I am excited to get to see all the competitions and people trying to break the records to be broken. As I was browsing through my Google Reader this morning I noticed that Google has a site dedicated strictly to the Olympics and it looks really cool. Check it out here at 2008 Summer Games on Google.

My favorite part of it is this tour they did with Google Earth 3D that shows all of the venues where the games will take place.

I have always been a big fan of sports b/c it can relate a lot to our spiritial being. Even Paul gave sports examples when he said things like running the race, staying focused, and not missing the mark. Another point of Paul referencing sports is that it also dates sports back, way back into history. So as the Olymipan athletes have trained their bodies to compete in these next few days we should train our minds and hearts to stay completely focused and compete against all earthly matters that try to weak our faith.

As you watch these athletes notice their determination to do it right and do it perfect and ask yourself if you are training yourself to always do it right and to do it perfect. Yes, it takes practice, so that we have enough practice for when we do hit a trial that is going to need our full attention, determination, and focus.

Let the games begin!
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