August 12, 2008

Games (cont.)

As the Olympic games go on for a few more days it has been fun watching all of the events so far. I was talking with Josh about how the Olympics really brings out the patriotism in our country as a whole. As I chat here and there with friends, family, and co-workers...the one thing we can all talk about and enjoy is watching the Olympics. So we as a nation still have this one thing where we can all agree on...cheer on our American Athletes! In a time when we seem like such a divded it for political, environmental, or religious is still reassuring that we can all come together to cheer for our athletes.

Who could not cheer for the American swimmer's 2 nights ago when they swam to a gold medal finish in a race where they came back from a body length behind to beat the heavily favored, trash-talked French...? If you did not watch it please to go to see it all go down. Not only that but the first 6 teams to finish all beat the previous world record! what!?!

crazy ridiculous.

So here's to America...unified completely for a few more days!
Then it's back to the politics again...sigh
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