June 04, 2009

Fire Drills

I work in a decent sized office building which is occupied by multiple business tenants.  Not sure exactly how many companies hold business within our building.  As a building we have an annual fire drill to make sure all the bells and lights are in proper working condition.    After each company meets in their designated location to account for everyone the building staff begins to let everyone back into the building.  But at the front doors there is always a traffic jam and a huge bottle neck formation and not just because of there only being two doors to get into the front but because they provide ice cream for everyone!

Today was my 3rd fire drill here...and these fire drills still remind me of grade school.  As I look at my choices of an ice cream sandwich or a drumstick/nutty buddy (which ever name you called those as a kiddo) I still think of being a kid.  

How can eating one of those not make you feel like a kid again?!?!!!   

So I had my 3rd grade moment a few minutes ago...and it was as good as I remember.
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