June 12, 2009

To Know or NOT To Know...

that is the question.

At first I was very determined to find out the gender of our baby when we could find out.  Then after talking to a few friends who did not find out their baby's gender...we figured we would wait too and be surprised.  Now I think we are swinging the other direction again and wanting to find out the gender.

I don't know which would be better...?

Some people argue that knowing is better because you get to plan so much more than not knowing. And if you know me well, I am a planner and like to be organized.  But at the same time this maybe the last surprise we could ever have to wait for.  

Yes, in a way, we will have waited 5 or so  months before we can find out and it can be a surprise...but it is not the norm to go the full 9 months without finding out.  Again, if you know me well, you know I like to be different than the rest at times.  

Needless to say we are still debating whether to find out or not...we have about a month (I think) before we can find out.  And just trying to decide what to decide is taking a toll.

So do I want to plan it all out knowing the gender and be the norm, or do I want to go against the norm and not have as much prepared as we could if we did know?
(as I typed that out and read it a few time over, I think I might have made up my mind)

I just don't want every decision that involves this child to be this tough but I also realize that they all won't be cake walk decisions.
I want a cake walk kid.
And if the baby smelled like cake that would be good too.

oh Wishful Thinking, I can tell that we are gonna be friends.
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