June 17, 2009

The Lawn Service

I tune in to a particular radio show in the mornings on my commute into work and today they did a segment on things that people do at work that no one should know about. So the radio personalities were asking listeners to email or call in and share their stories of what they do or have done at work that they should not do.

One of the last stories I heard before I got out of my car was a guy who worked for a lawn maintenance service. He shared that if they had a lot of work orders for the day and they started to run late, they would not service some of the last lawns for the days work. After one of the radio hosts claimed that the lawns would not be trimmed so the customer would know whether or not the service was performed. The caller explained that they do not cut or mow lawns but that they only spray for weeds and fertilizer. The way they would disguise their work was buy placing the flags in the ground, throwing some fertilizer on the driveway (to make the product visible), and placing the bill on the door.

I realized, after I heard this, that I have been one of these customers!

There has been at least one time (maybe more) where we got the bill on the front door, had the flags placed in the yard, and seen the fertilizer on the driveway...but in a few days some weeds were still around and new ones had sprouted! Of course, I would call the company and they would come out with another service call to spray again at no charge, but still. geez

What's funny is now that I make the connection, that usually when the yard is serviced there is little to no fertilizer seen on our driveway or sidewalks. I know now that if I see a good amount of product on the pavement to call right away for another treatment.
(also...I think going to email this company about this issue)

I can't believe this guy would share that because the company who treats our yard is a BIG company.
I took it kind of personal when I heard this because it has happened to us.

Be weary of these people servicing your yards!
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