February 08, 2012

Bed time story

IzzyB has been sick for about a week now with RSV. It's been weird for us having to stay home to prevent her from getting other children sick. 'You're welcome' to my friends with kids.
She is on the mend and back to her normal self now.

So with RSV comes a constant fever and subsequently a frantic mother who always wants to check the sick child's temperature. The best way for us to check a 2 yr olds temp is the not-so fun-thermometer. If you need a hint ask a mother with a baby.

Still setting up this story, bear with me...

As you readers remember IzzyB is now in a toddler bed and she can easily get in and out. And now when we put her to bed she usually gets out of bed for a bit, not making a sound, to play before finally getting to bed to go to sleep. As you know from our last story we try to keep most stuff off the floor in there to keep her safe...and dry.
So it's routine for us to go into her room before we ourselves go to bed to cover her up so she does not get cold.

Which leads us to tonight.

I walk in and begin to cover her up. My hand hits something hard, a piece of plastic, I grab it to examine. As I am holding it up to figure out what it is by the dim lighting of the nightlight AB walks in and asks what I am holding when we both realize it's the cap to her thermometer.

I start gently trying to find the thermometer by feeling around in her bed trying not to wake her while AB is trying not to LOL behind me. I finally get my hands on it and we put it away.

That thing is not something she can get to easily. It's in a drawer that she can't even see into when it is open but she can reach in.
Meaning she had purpose. She opened the drawer and felt around until her tiny hands felt exactly what she was looking for. We figure this because nothing else was removed from this drawer. Or she is much more clever than we give her credit for and she cleans up her tracks.

I was scared and thought she might be putting it her mouth or something. We walk into our room and AB says that more than likely she has been check Woody and Jessie's temps since AB has had to check IzzyB's for about a week now. "Check tempature jus lil bit" is probably what IzzyB was saying to Woody and Jessie, AB mentioned, as we laughed ourselves into bed imagining what was going on tonight in that room.

Sorry Woody. Sorry Jessie.
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