February 01, 2012

New Humidifier

IzzyB's humidifier went out last week and since it doubled as a noise maker we had a chore upon us to find a replacement.

We found that most new humidifiers are pretty quiet and most people want them quiet but we did not want quiet at all. So we did find a noise maker for a good price and then we found a good humidifier on sale. But the humidifier worried me because for some reason it creates a flow of water over the open top and easy for a child to play with. However the box told me there was a cover for the open top. Sold!

We get home and put both items to use quickly for nap time. IzzyB was excited about them and had a great nap and great sleep that night.

Sunday afternoon nap time came around and we put IzzyB down and started to watch a movie. AB went to the bathroom and said she heard IzzyB moving around and had probably not napped. When our movie was over we headed it to check on her.

(before we get to this next part you all should know we converted her crib into a toddler bed weeks ago)

We open the door to find puzzle pieces everywhere, stuffed animals scattered, and IzzyB kneeling by the humidifier. She gets up and we see her pants are soaked as well as her entire sleeves. There is water on the wall, the side of her bed rails, and over the basket of other stuffed animals. The carpet is sopping wet as if we just poured a bucket of water onto it.

IzzyB walks over to us with her wet hair flat on the sides of her face. "What have you been doing?!?" we ask and she raised we hands in the I-don't-know gesture and says "Just woke up!"

AB and I immediately start laughing so hard that IzzyB probably thought we had just snapped like crazy people and we have probably encouraged playing in the humidifier since it was so hilarious.
(we have now put the humidifier on a dresser to prevent this entire event from ever happening)
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