February 12, 2012

"I love you guys"

I suppose its safe to say that IzzyB picks up most of her words from us first and foremost.

I never thought we or even I said "guys" a lot but it seems we do because IzzyB uses it a lot and in proper context.
The usual one is when we have company at the house and she, our great little host, greets everyone with a "Hi guys!" And when our company is leaving she lets out a "bye guys!" and if she really enjoyed their company, like after our community group nights, she adds a "thanks for coming over guys."

But the best one we have gotten is every few nights, we wished it happened every night, as we are getting IzzyB ready for bedtime and she says "I love you guys."
AB and I just look at each other and smile. I am also pretty sure tears fill AB eyes.

Funny how that saying can mean so much to parents*. It also erases all the other things, multiple things, she did earlier that day that made us count to ten (you parents can relate to this).
Also makes us feel like we are doing a decent job at showing her and telling her we love her.

*I'm also documenting this for when she is a teenager and just happens to ever be screaming the opposite of that phrase to us, we can show her she used to be sweet to us.
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