January 12, 2008

Put Me In My Place

When Amy, my better half, is gone i am really put into my place. I am useless to myself. what?

As I was leaving work yesterday...this is what I saw the to West.
It's not the best picture, but it was taken with my phone. So when I state that it was taken by my phone, in essence it is a pretty good picture. but not really...but it is.

Well since Amy was out of town starting yesterday I took the opportunity and invited some guys over to hang out and just be guys. So there were 10 guys there at one time but a few left early and others hung out at the house till 1:30 this morning! We played guitar hero 3 on a PS2 that Adam brought over and playing ping pong in the garage. It was a great night.

But I had to get up for a group meeting this morning for church so that was no so great. meh.

So I got home and me and the dogs jut laid around...like this...
...but I was not on the floor in the sun...I was on the couch with a blanket.

Well I guess I should go find something productive to do here at the house. Washing and folding laundry, do the dishes...something like that...I know"the better half" would really appreciate it. plus I need to earn my allowance! cha-ching!
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