January 10, 2008

Real Love

January 3rd was wedding anniversary number 4 for The Llanes.

It has been 4 years now? We've lived in middle Tennessee for 3 years now? We've owned a house for 1 and a half years now? We have 2 dogs now? We're suburbanites? GULP!
double gulp actually...i mean just the suburbanite part (needed to clarify for all kinds of safe measures).

But we don't have kids yet...

but guess what...?!??!

we're still waiting to have some later on
...did I get ya?!!?
ha! OK...I won't ever do that again...promise.

Yea, a lot has happened since we have been married and when we got married we would have never imagined we would be where we are now back then. It's been a whirlwind, but one that has been great and keeps us wanting to see what is in store for us next. It's been great to see how we have been blessed so far in our marriage. We thank the Father all the time for all He has provided us with and what He has given us to be responsible with. We know we still have a long way to go and we hope that we can only make Him proud.
Also making our parents proud of their children. And I hope our children will some day be proud of us too.

OK...so we were given a gift certificate to The Palm for X-mas...so we thought what better way to spend it than to use it for an anniversary dinner! So we made reservations and told them it as our anniversary and we went to dnner last Saturday night. Oh man...it was sooo good. But what made it the best dinner (also most expensive dinner) ever was that our waiter was so kind and caring. He made suggestions on all of the dishes, cleaned the table after every plate that was picked up with some little scrapper tool, and he even folded our napkins into standing triangles everytime one of us went to the restroom!
Since we had old them when we made the reservations that it was our anniversary I don't know if he went over the top b/c of that and or also b/c it was our first time at the the Palm? Either way we were very impressed with the service and we want to go back. The food was really good too...that was almost just a bonus. He even asked us how we met and truly seemed interested then he asked us if we both liked chocolate and since I, Isaac, don't too much he asked Amy what was my sweet tooth and she told him...cheesecake. Then out of nowhere he comes out with the biggest piece of chocolate cake either one of us has ever seen!!! It ws about the size of amy's head..no joke, and a piece of cheesecake. If the cheesecake would have been as big at that chocolate cake piece...I would have been sick...b/c I would have eaten it all that night. The chocolate cak lasted us till Monday night after snacking on it all day on Sunday and then finishing it up on Monday...and yes I helped. Anyway those desserts were free...yea...it was an awesome anniversary dinner and we only paid $5.
Thank you Spivey's for the gift certificate!!!

OK...we're out Amy is leaving tomorrow for the weekend to D.C. and we need to pack and spend some time on the couch watching Grey's :)

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