January 28, 2008

My Hometown

Well it turns out that we never blogged about our trip to Texas during the holidays in December. Well, guess it's never too late...better late than never huh.

Well again...being that we are not huge picture takers (we always forget we have a camera) we do not have a lot of pictures to show everyone. But the pictures we do have come from Saturday the 29th when Amy got schooled on how to make tamales. We were in Rosenburg for the last part of our trip in Texas and we had made plans to have mom teach us how to make them. It is a long and drown out process , for those of you who do not know. Since we spent the first part of our trip ith Amy's family we missed tamales over at my grandmother's house so mom put aside that day to teach us to make them, let them cook all day, and enjoy them for dinner.
This is the part I got so frustrated with b/c no matter how I tried spreading the corn maiz onto the corn husk leaf...I could not get it to be as awesome as my mom and dad's. I was so irritated with that corn maiz...I got up and left a few times.

Amy then moved on to stuffing the leaves with the pork. BTW, the pork cooked all night, when I saw it is a long drawn out ordeal...i'm not exaggerating. My grandmothers does it for days with her daughters to have them all ready for Christmas Eve's dinner.

Then Mom placed all of the stuffed tamales into the pot where they are cooked for another few hours. I don't rememebr eactly how long it took for them to cook, but it was awhile.

So we got to enjoy them that night and they were soo good. I didn't get pictures of the finished product but trust me, you wouldn't want me to tempt you with that.

I don't know that we retained all of the info to make them at our house just yet...but we have a good head start. And hopefully we can soon be able to make them ourselves and have our friends in TN get a good taste of good home cooked tamales. And my grandmother's receipe is not one to be messed with...it'll stand up to anyone else's...hands down.

good thing I just ate lunch and i'm not hungry.
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