December 04, 2008

Food Fast

Have you ever had an idea and it sounds awesome?  You start implementing it and in the process or soon after you are either has gone horribly wrong or in the complete opposite direction that you thought it would.

I usually have what I think are great ideas but probably would not turn out like I would like too...but lucky for me I never act on those thoughts and ideas. 

I came across this video a few weeks ago and it kind of serves the will have to watch this.

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Every now and then, even though I know there is absolutely no nutritional or moral benefit, I do crave a quarter pounder and some fries from McD's.  And just like the video...I start to believe that the craving probably came from the devil himself (not that he lives inside of me...but that it was just an evil craving...ha!)
I think that video is so funny to me b/c it is so true. 

Isn't every decision we made a risk though?  Some of course outweigh others but every choice has a good outcome or a bad one. 
And just like I will willingly choose to eat at McD's then wonder why I ate was still a conscience decision where I knew it would not turn out to be good in the end...but choose to do it anyway. 
Why do we do that?  Why are we wired like that?
In our youth we made mistakes knowing there would be a bad outcome...but did it anyway.  Then we had to live with those consequences and endure that bad decision.  But the good thing is that it always passes...some sooner than others.  The bad does go away.

In our community group we have been sharing out spiritual journey's and everyone's story has a low point..that turns into a turning point.  Where our lives got redirected on toward the right path.  And we all have those decisions where we knew that God was leading us in a certain direction...even when we thought it would be a bigger risk...there's peace.  I have been challenged to take risks in decisions and not fear the failing of it...but to have faith that God will guard that decision when He leads me toward it.  (i'm not talking about McD's anymore)
I have always been insecure about myself and when I was given the chance to a community group leader, I took it and there is not a week that goes by where I regret doing it.  But I know it is what I am suppose to be doing.  Is it easy for me, not at all.  Does it stretch me every week, yes.  Is God putting me through the ringer so that all I can do is rely on Him, you better believe it. 
"...any time God asks you to do something that is absolutly impossible and everything inside of you screams to do the opposite and you have no choice but to die to yourself before Him, that's a benefit..."
I heard Matt Chandler say this in an old sermon of his this morning on my drive in.  And it bite me in the butt hard because I realized that I had been for the longest time trying to do it all by myself.  He followed up asking if there was anything else throwing us at the feet of Christ?  And b/c we live in America where we have everything...most of us can get everything we need or what we think we need.  And probably get it at Wal-Mart.

I hope there is something that you are going through that is able to stretch your faith and make you solely rely on Christ.  Don't be afraid to be stretched and get out of your comfort zone.  He didn't call us to be comfortable and at a stand still.
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