December 12, 2008

the snow showed up

Yesterday it had been raining most of the day and we had heard that there could be some flurries toward the evening.  Well when it comes to forecasting the snow here in middle can't believe it until you see it.  As I was leaving the office building at 4:30pm it was for sure not just rain falling anymore but what weather forcasters like to refer to it...a wintry mix. 
So I jumped in the car and headed toward the interstate knowing I would be in the car for awhile considering people already forgot how to drive when it just rains.  Throwing some snow in with the rain is a whole other monster that people don't know how to handle.  Lucky for me the interstate was not bad I got home in 30 minutes and picked up Amy b/c we had to make a grocery store run.  That's when it was now purely snow falling and it was coming down heavy.  I was nervous driving to the store and I did almost hit another car but thankfull my quick thinking and acting go us out of that pickle with no harm done to anyone.  (remember I am a mexican kid from Texas so driving in these conditions is completely unnatural for me)

So I caught this picture from the Kroger parking lot as the snow was falling...
We were having some friends over to the house too...I called them to see if they were still wanting to come over with these crazy conditions.  They are from Iowa so they didn't see a problem with it so still got to enjoy some good company for dinner. 
This morning I took these next pictures as the snow covered everything and even stuck to the sides of our fence.  I think we probably got about 3 to 4 inches of snow in about a 3 hour span. 
Then I took a picture of my foot in the snow trying to show how deep it was in the yard but it isn't too much of a good measurement.  I guess this is why they make rulers and measuring tape..which I had right behind me in the garage, but it was early and I was all giddy about the snow.  no time to think.  just step and snap.
To friends in the big deal...little bit of snow for us.  To our family and friends in Texas did you guys get this much? 
The interstate this morning was a complete crawl so I finally rolled into work and found out from some co-workers that it took some of them nearly 4 hours to get home last night.  I shouldn't have bragged about my 30 min commute home...they didn't find it as pleasing. 
Well the sun is now out and all the white should be gone soon.  So we got to enjoy it for a bit and we'll see when the next random snow fall hits. 
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