December 16, 2008

It's that time of the year!

We will be starting our long road trip for our holiday vacation this week!  As we are the only ones from our immediate familes that live out of state we always come back into Texas for the Christmas holidays to visit our familes.  (  Once we have kids, we'll see how that changes ;)   )

I put together a little make do map that features most of our destinations.  Without including all of the driving we will do within those destinations Google calculates that we will drive 2,822 miles.  So by the time our trip is done...we will have traveled well over 3,000 miles in 2 weeks.  w00t!
We will start off by going to Amarillo for this first weekend then driving to Houston.  With a stop in Cross Plains to visit friends and a stop in Hico for the night.  Then we will continue onto Houston until the weekend after Christmas.  Then we will go up to DFW, Stephenville, and Hico all over again to see Amy's family until New years Day.  Then we will start our trek back up to good ole' middle Tennessee....or as I sometimes refer to it "the dirty dirty" in The South.  Where sweet tea flows freely, BBQ is pulled pork, and the banjos never stop playing.  (OK, I am kidding, I never hear banjos.  But I also don't wander off into the deep woods either)

So there you have our glorious trip. 

But before that we have a small group holiday meal tonight with a gift exchange planned.  Then we still need to pack and pick up the rental car on Wed.  Then Thursday Amy will pick me up from work with the dogs and bags in tow and we will hit the road. 

So if you read this and you are somewhere along that blue line you see up there on that map...let us know and we can try to get a visit in, catch coffee, let you walk our dogs, you know...the usual catch-up situations.  We'd love to see as many peeps as possible! 

drop us a line  -  isaacllanes at gmail dot com    OR   amyllanes at gmail dot com
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