January 06, 2009

January 6th, 2009 Update

Well I never blogged on our whole trip in Texas and our camera battery was never charged...so no new pics to be posted. 
All in all we had a splendid trip!  We did not stretch ourselves thin and tire ourselves out, so that was a huge plus.  The dogs did great in the car and were always anxious to get in and see where we would end up next. 

+ Amy was training in making tamales again at my parents house.  We all chipped in and did our part in one way or another since it is a long process that has an end result really deeeeelish.  We actually just finished off the remaining 2 dozen last night for dinner.  We had made a total of 10 dozen and gave most of them away to Amy's family.

+ January 3rd was our 5th year wedding anniversary!  We had planned on just relaxing and spending time alone and not rush anything.  I ended up going running with some friends and then our date day begun.  We went to see a movie then had a feast of a dinner at J Alexander's.  I can honeslty say it was the first time that I had eaten so much I was sickly miserable.  I even asked Amy if I looked huge because I felt like my stomach was about to punch its way out of my torso.  We realize now that an anniversary so close after the holidays is kind of anti-climatic, especially since we live out of state from our family, because we always just return from the holidays and our anniversary gets left overs.  However, we are going skiing this year and we are spending a few extra days there by ourselves.  Lake Tahoe is our destination! 

+ Holiday Movies.  We got to go see 3 different movies over the break and we recommend them all.  Slumdog Millionaire was by far our favorite.  I had read about it and knew it had gotten great reviews so we really wanted to see it and when the theater in Sugarland picked it up the weekend before we got to the Houston area, we made it a huge point to go see it since it is in limited theaters.  It did not disapoint and I choose it to be my favorite movie for 2008, hands down.  It is also based off of the book named Q&A if you want to check that out. 
Marley and Me was a great holiday/family movie.  If you are a dog owner you can relate to most of the movie conerning the dog issues and it's funny to watch most dog behavior problems happen to others in the movie.  It also promotes great family values and unity.  2 thumbs up from us.
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button was the movie we saw this weekend on our anniversary day.  This was more of a curious pick for us to watch and we really enjoyed it a lot.  It's a great movie with great shots, fantastic make-up, and an interesting story line.  If you're also curious, it will be a great flick to go check out. 

+ Well we have no big news or anything huge coming up.  We are pretty darn boring.  Are you still reading?  You might be our only reader.  Thanks for sticking around.  We appreciate it. 
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