January 13, 2009

Out of the Hood

Sunday afternoon Amy and I were able to go see Gran Torino with some friends of ours. After the movie, which was a great movie and I highly recommend it, we stood out in the parking lot and talked with them for a few minutes. After our conversation ended, Amy and I started walking to our parked car...and I don't remember what we were talking about exactly but it had something to do with me maybe doing something I shouldn't have. Next thing I know Amy blurts out "I will CUT you!"

It came out of nowhere and we both started laughing out loud right in the parking lot. The laughter escalated to a pain in my side and eyes full of tears that when I made it into the driver's seat of the car I could not drive. I'm pretty sure the other people in the parking lot though we were either going crazy or got plastered during the movie. Our laughter finally subsided but it took awhile...I think the randomness of Amy's quote is what made it soo funny.

I know everyone thinks that phrase isn't funny at all...and for those of you who know who she is quoting probably do think it funny that Amy, of all people, would quote Bon Qui Qui.

And now for those of you unfamiliar...here is Bon Qui Qui...

My mom, of all people, showed us this video on youtube while we were in Texas for the holidays. And maybe it hits more home to my family because we grew up in the hood that is Rosenberg/Richmond, TX. Heck our entire family is the hood.

Either way, I hope you enjoyed that crazy clip and if you didn't laugh...watch out Amy might cut you.
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