January 23, 2009

New Slang

So I am turning a page and making this blog more 'mine' than 'ours.'  And what I mean is that Amy has posted on the blog...about...once...ever.  ha!  I have tried to get her to post about her thoughts, musings, and things that I do which drive her crazy.  And no luck.  I taught her how to write up a post on her iPhone and email it to the blog and it would post.  No such luck.  (it's also why she does not have a facebook account or twitter...or any kind of web-based tool that a lot of people use today)  She's just not that into it. 
And in a sense I wish I could be more like ther.  I think the interwebs are a crutch for me...
oh well!
It is not like I won't ever mention Amy.  If I ever do stop mentioning Amy...make sure to check up on me b/c something will not be right with my world.  Yes, Amy and I do everything together and even if I forget to mention her from an event...she was more than likely there with me anyway.
So...I have a new design.  I wanted to go simple, plain, and to the point.  As of right now it is stripped to the bone but I have a few ideas of what I might want to include soon. 
We'll see how long that takes me. Does anybody else have trouble with paragraph breaks in Blogger in Draft? It is driving me crazy! Where is regular blogger? can I go back?
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