January 09, 2009


So there are a lot of lists being made in the blogosphere about the year's best movies, book, and music.  I have no such list really compiled...and I didn't try to make one up this year because I don't think I am a good person to put reviews into words. 

I did read a few books this year and enjoyed all of them.  We watched a lot of movies and there are a lot that I enjoyed, the last blog entry had the 2 most recent movies we have seen. 

Music, is another story, I have tried to stop buying as much music.  I knew I had gone too far with my music buying when earlier this year when the new Coldplay album dropped, I had the calendar day marked.  I woke up that morning and said..."I'm getting the Coldplay album today!"  And the whole morning I looked forward to purcahsing it until my lunch break when I made a break for a local retailer with it in stock.  I didn't even double think about buying it...it was a given, without a doubt, that I was getting it.  Few days after that I thought to myself...that came too naturally.  Then I thought about why I don't have that ease to get things accomplished that are productive for my life.  So began the drought of buying music. 

I took this time to get some music recommendations from friends and listen to their likings and also spend a lot of time listening to all the music that is already in my collection.  So for the last few months I have had no real exposure to what is new out in the music world.  And now that people's Lists of 2008 are emerging...I have had a lot of time to listen to what people thought was the best throughout the year.  And I like a lot of it.

So much, that I bought 2 albums on Wednesday night at our local Target...and I was surprised to see that these were there because they usually only carry main stream/top 40 albums. 

I purchased this album listening to one track only off of NPR's list of the best of 2008.  I had also heard of a few people that really liked Sigur Ros and I took all of that info with bold and blind confidence.  (especially since the fellas on the album cover are in their birthday suits)
The biggest reason I took a risk is that Sigur Ros is a band from Iceland.  Meaning, the songs are not in English...and especially not Spanish...they are in Icelandic(?).  I believe this is their 4th full length album and now I own it. And I really like it!  The music is great yet it is a little weird not knowing what they are saying in their lyrics and me probably not ever being able to sing along.  I looked up the translated lyrics just to make sure I wasn't listening to something completely inappropriate..but the songs are more poetic than anything else.   The band does use a lot of strings, percussion, and guitars making it a good easy mellow listen. 
So if listening to music in another language is your thing, do check these fellas out. 

And the album that is showing up everywhere in the blogosphere that everyone their mothers loves is Fleet Foxes self-titled album.  I also purchased this album this week, after streaming it online for weeks now, and I am really diggin' it and can see why it is in the Top 10 of music for 2008. 
Fleet Foxes has a get mix of music that is very unique and well blended.  Give them a listen on Last.fm or MySpace or just listen to some samplings on the iTunes or Amazon online stores.

The other music that I look forward to still getting into more are:
Bon Iver
Blitzen Trapper
Vampire Weekend

I know not everyone has the same taste in music that I do...so for sure take time to dive into these artists before going out and buying an album you won't like once you listen to it at home.  I don't want to be solely responsible for you being out some money on music that you do not like. 

If I ever do recommend Nickleback...please please please find me as soon as possible and commit me into the looney bin.  I am sure I would have gone crazy to ever recommend them.
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